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A Miracle/ Dog Lands On Her Feet After Woman Throws Her Off Balcony

WARNING: Topic, images, and video may be disturbing to some readers. The dog has since been evaluated by a vet and is now safe. 

A Florida woman caused a scene at a Motel 6, which ended in her throwing her German Shepherd over the balcony. An officer caught the entire exchange on video, and the suspect was arrested immediately after. Thankfully, the dog survived the fall and has been taken away from the woman who hurt her. But as suspected, the dog who is now named “Miracle” is shaken up by this horrific event.

Miracle the German Shepherd
Image: Screenshot, Volusia Sheriff’s Office YouTube

A Disturbance at Motel 6

Officers rushed to the motel after reports were made about a woman threatening to jump off the balcony. The staff explained that the woman also attacked a maid amid the chaos. So, officers rushed to her motel room and knocked on the door. After no response, they were about to unlock the door with the owner’s key. But then, the woman suddenly burst out the door with her German Shepherd in her arms.

At first, officers assumed she was just carrying the dog somewhere, but then, she tossed the dog over the balcony without warning. The officer recording could not believe his eyes. He quickly arrested the woman, but she tried her best to resist. Luckily, with the help of other officers, they were able to carry her to the police car.

Thankfully, Miracle the dog landed on her feet, but she ran off in a panic. A group of witnesses worked together to bring her back to safety. Jose Carnot spotted the dog running past his food truck with a leash dragging behind her. He knew something wasn’t right, so he rushed after Miracle and rescued her.

Woman Throwing Dog Off Balcony
Image: Screenshot, Volusia Sheriff’s Office YouTube

“I didn’t see anybody around, and I said ‘let me get the dog before [she] goes onto the highway.’ If I wasn’t here at Pikaro’s, we would have never got the dog to safety,” Carnot said. “That’s no way to treat pets. If you want a pet, you got to treat [them] right.”

Miracle the Dog Recovers

The woman, whose name is Allison Murphy, is held at Volusia County Jail. She’s currently facing charges for animal cruelty and resisting arrest. She initially refused to see a judge, but the judge has since requested for her to have a mental evaluation.

German Shepherd at Animal Services
Image: Screenshot, Volusia Sheriff’s Office YouTube

Officials rushed Miracle to the Atlantic Animal Hospital for emergency care. Overall, she seemed healthy after the fall besides being frightened. However, x-rays later revealed that she had a sewing needle pushed into her thigh, which was then removed through surgery.

Miracle is currently at Volusia County Animals Services where she’s recovering from the procedure. Within the next couple of weeks, court sessions will be held to discuss custody over Miracle. Hopefully, she’ll soon be able to find a new home where she will be appreciated. No dog deserves to go through what she went through, so it really is a miracle that she’s safe.

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