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Massive Lion And Tiny Dog Come Face to Face, Then Dog Makes A Move Without

I remember going to the zoo as a child and being so fascinated by all the animals there. I especially loved the elephants. They’re these gigantic animals, yet slow and timid, and they don’t look scary at all. The ones that I disliked the most were the lions. They always looked intimidating and ready to attack and them being on the other side of a glass window didn’t help me feel any better about them. However, this type of reaction is so common when it comes to these animals.

There’s always been this stigma surrounding lions and tigers—they’re aggressive, and you should never be in their company. That’s what we’ve always been told, right? Well, although we should refrain from getting too close to one of these animals (mainly because they’re from the wild, and yes, they do prey on humans), there are instances when it’s completely safe to be around them, and I learned this fact as I got older.

There are also instances when these big cats will melt your heart with the interactions they have with other animals and humans; one of these interactions is exactly what we’re about to show you in the video below—it will make your heart melt and give you a giggle or two!

Abby, the Dachshund dog, lives at a wildlife park in Oklahoma. Because she lives there, it’s understood that she knows the power of the lions that are also at this wildlife park. But in the video below, it’s clear that she’s not intimidated by their gigantic size (compared to her), or their aggressive behavior. In turn, she runs around in their cage.

This revelation may be scary to us as readers, but when you see the footage of Abby and the lions, you’ll see exactly why there’s nothing to worry about. The lions, of course, know that the little wiener dog is no threat to them, so it seems like they enjoy her company. Bonedigger, the huge lion that Abby is seen with, is ok to have Abby in his company. When the staff saw both Abby and Bonedigger together, they say that they were never expecting such a fun and smooth encounter. We’re sure it came as a pleasant surprise.

Click on the video below and watch Abby and her friends at the wildlife park. If you found this interaction amazing, then don’t forget to like and share this post with family and friends!

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