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Dog Already Adores Her Sister Who Hasn’t Even Been Born Yet

Though we are inundated with pictures and videos of dogs on the internet these days, it still amazes me how often they understand things and know what’s going on.

One such dog is Penelope, who lives with her owner Juliana and her family in Brazil.

Juliana is 34 weeks pregnant, and while there’s still some time left until the baby arrives, pup Penelope seems to understand exactly what’s going on.

Penelope had been more affectionate towards Juliana lately. However, as the video shows, as the mum-to-be sat on the sofa, Penelope let her feelings be known.

Check it out here:

Speaking to The Dodo, Juliana said:

I think she knows, yes. She feels like there’s something different. We set up the little nursery room and she goes in and sits under the crib. She’s always been very needy and affectionate, but toward me, it has increased a lot.

Juliana was amazed at Penelope’s reaction and obvious affection towards the unborn baby.

She said:

It’s the first time she’s done this. It was very emotional.

I’m sure Penelope will be a great big sister.

It seems Penelope is not the only one excited by it all, however. After posting her video to Facebook, Juliana was inundated with responses, with the video being viewed almost two million times.

As the above video also shows, dogs know what’s going on. From their owners being pregnant to being taken somewhere new and loving, dogs can sense what’s happening.

This video of a person adopting an abandoned dog shows the dog looking forlorn but grateful to be riding somewhere new.

As the driver murmurs ‘it’s okay’ to the pup and moves her hand away, the dog grabs it back, looking relieved to be receiving some much needed affection.

He continues to hold her arm as she strokes his face, gazing at his beloved rescuer with his beautiful big brown eyes. He then tries to clamber onto her lap, tail wagging for joy. His gratitude at being given a second shot at life is evident.

The rescuer explained:

I saw abandoned dogs for days with no food, water or shelter, dying in 100+ degrees. They were tied up on two-foot chains, not able to move.

I waited to see if someone would help them and I couldn’t sleep at night, so I saved them. Minutes after, the one of the dogs reached for my hand multiple times wanting affection.

It broke my heart that he’d been neglected and was dying and wasn’t mad at me but grateful. I started to cry and again, his focus shifted from himself to now my needs. I couldn’t believe so much love came from an animal that literally just came from a situation like he was in.

You may not be a dog person, you may not be an animal lover at all in fact, but watching these videos will melt the heart of any human.

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