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Abandoned Dog Wagged Her Tail With Excitement As She Got Rescued

Don’t abandon pets, love them and they love you more

Even is a painful fact, thankfully we also have many people compassionate people who are kind enough to spend their whole life finding and rescuing these pitiful animals. The Dog Rescue Shelter in Mladenovac, Serbia is a great example. Below you have one of their touching rescues.

The team accidentally met this dog on the road. She was standing there helplessly with the hope that someone comes for her. Just she saw that someone was coming toward her, the dog starts to run and petting.

But she wasn’t alone. Nearby in the canal was another beautiful dog that unfortunately was hit by a car and couldn’t make it through the tragic accident. They were sister and brother, both abandoned. Despite her happiness, she was still a little cautious at first.“She ran around happily but wouldn’t let me catch her,” saw the man that saved the dog.

The seven-month-old dog was brought to the shelter safely and they named her Nina. Now Nina has a new family and her life change. Again, thank you guys for doing such an amazing job. Love animals because they give you special love.

Again, thank you guys for doing such an amazing job. And we’re all happy for you, Nina!

Please share the heart-warming story of Nina with your loved ones for more dogs and cats to be rescued!

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