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An unknown German shepherd miraculously rescued a helpless woman.

After an argument with her husband, a Georgia resident Shannon Loriot got behind the wheel of a car and drove on an empty highway to calm her nerves. The road was empty and the woman increased her speed.

At some point, Shannon lost control and the car was carried far over the side of the road, and she herself was thrown through the rear window. Her upper body was flattened over the trunk, and her feet rested on the seat.

Shannon suffered a severe head injury and was unable to move. She kept losing consciousness and realized she could die without help.

When she woke up again, she felt a presence of someone. A large dark shadow appeared in front of her, heavy breathing could be heard very close. It was a dog!

When the animal started licking the blood from her face, Shannon lost consciousness again. The next time her thoughts came back to the moment when the dog pulled her out of the car and packed its teeth into her jacket.

The German shepherd dragged Shannon into the street. The woman grabbed the dog by the neck with all her might to help him.

Soon, the car’s headlights flashed. The driver called emergency services and Shannon’s husband. The woman lost consciousness again and regained consciousness at the hospital. Due to the injury, she developed intracranial bleeding that could have resulted in death if Shannon had not been found in time.

Thanks to the help of the German shepherd, named Hero, the woman not only survived, but escaped surgery.

Unfortunately, Shannon was not able to keep the dog. But the smart dog found a new home anyway – Hero was adopted by Heidi Drowdy, who trains search and rescue dogs.
Just think of how many people he can help after training. He will always be my hero! “

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