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A love story like this is all we want/ This dog doesn’t want to be separated from his baby even in the photoshoot

A newborn member was added to the Bentley family and from that second they got indivisible.

At the hospital, his parents let him sniff and get familiar with the baby’s scent. “When we finally brought our baby home, Bentley ran right over to sniff him and wag his tail excitedly,” Kelly Madsen told. Bentley seems to understand that baby is part of our family.

As a big brother, Bentley is so protective and wants to be with the baby all the time. “He helps us a lot because when the baby cries he begins whining to alert us that the baby needs us,” Madsen said. If the baby ever needs anything or a new activity happening involving the baby, Bentley is there to observed and protect.

When the baby turned one month old, his parents decided to do a photoshoot for the new baby. As they got everything ready, Bentley was there as always and immediately decided he needed to be involved.

It wasn’t the original plan to have Bentley involved in the photos, but Bentley insisted so much that the baby’s parents agreed. Bentley’s insistence shot successful because Madson gets a bunch of adorable photos. She loves them, it’s incredible to see the bond between baby and dog. Bentley adores being a big brother and can’t wait to grow up and play with him.

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