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As soon as he hears the word ‘Oops’ Heinz runs to the kitchen

Heinz is a very special dog whose name comes from the company of the same name. He appreciates playing, taking rests, and obviously, food.

“He’s constantly been about food, however doesn’t trouble me when I cook”, Karyn Dietz said. Heinz usually stands in the corner of the kitchen and keeps a watchful and opportunistic eye on anyone eating, especially the kids.

What we all did not understand is that Heinz is always on the lookout for fallen scraps he can quickly scoop up. One day Dietz while cooking said the word ‘oops’what’s more, Heinz’s response was prompt.

He runs to the kitchen and began tenaciously checking the floor. Heinz has understood that as soon as Dietz says the word oops or dammit something has fallen to the floor and he is always ready to run to the kitchen and help in the process of cleaning the fallen food.

Every time Heinz hears the magic food words, he’s always right there, maybe his family needs to use some new words. Regardless of finding or not finding new words, his love for food just can’t be stopped.

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