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Special Bond Between 93 Year Old Woman And Her Giant Fluffy Neighbor

There are a wide range of remarkable friendships in this world. Yet, probably the best end up being among people and creatures. Meet 93-year-old Sally and her unique companion, the doggy named Brody. Brody is a monster Saint Bernard pup who lives close to her home. Their kinship has no boundary.

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Sally lost her better half in 1990 yet she was rarely alone. The explanation is she has her dearest companion Brody, who consistently visits her consistently.

The first occasion when she met Brody when he and his proprietor, Dave Mazarella, visited her home.

Brody is a major dog. He loves to play and snuggle. “Gracious, he’s a particularly darling,” Sally said.

Sally is his favorite neighbor. He visits her every day.


Brody helps Sally get her newspaper.

Sally likes feeding Brody treats, scratching behind his ears, and petting his soft fur.

They love to watch the news and go to church together.

Sally said “From the moment he sees me he’s so happy. Brody really loves me.”

What a beautiful friendship!

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