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Two rescued kittens and two puppies make their own furry family

They were alone in the street, but now they found each other the warmth they needed.

Kitten is a life  is a YouTube channel run by a man from a small village in North Africa for 10 months. His main objective with the creation of his videos is to transmit the suffering of animals and kittens whom he rescues , showing that the problem, just as it occurs in developed countries with a superior quality of life, also occurs in territories that are far from the eye. media on the planet.

Below you will find a video in which you can see scenes of the rescue of the kitten.

On this occasion, the man ventured on one of his search and rescue missions finding a little kitten in the loneliness of the night who seemed to have lived on the street since birth and had a pronounced wound on his nose that seemed to be the product of the attack. of another animal or a human. As is his custom, he took the kitten home to take care of her.

Kitten is a life


Despite not knowing the little girl’s history, the man was in charge of feeding her with food suitable to recover an animal after malnutrition, such as rice and fish and, as the days went by, he was making her part of At home, however, the kitten showed a great fear of interaction with humans and other animals.

Kitten is a life

Precisely that precaution with other kittens and puppies kept her away from her new life companions: two very playful puppies recently rescued and Orange, an old acquaintance of the place who has been living with her rescuer for some time.

Their behavior, at first, was aggressive and very cautious towards them, especially with the little dogs that wanted to approach to play innocently and ended up being victims of their cuddles. One of the theories for this violent attitude is that his nose wound was the result of a fight with a furry man, however, everything is speculation and, as in any situation, time began to improve things.


With a couple of days to show good intentions and the security of having a place to sleep and eat together, he  began to open the heart of the small to their new siblings. Orange has helped him with that process and has taught him to enjoy games together and naps cuddled to warm up.

Below you will see a video of how the new little brothers play and hug each other.

The video with his new adaptation process and his advances has captivated the users who follow the channel, highlighting the joy that the puppies bring to whom he is confident enough to eat from his plate and sleep next to them.

It also shows the impressive protective quality of Orange who has been like a father to her. Despite having a long way to go to become a fully happy pussycat, this case is proof of how love can always save.

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