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Alone Truck Driver Adopts Stray Cat And They Have Time Of Their Life

Meet a sweet pair Paul Robertson and his feline Percy who love each other more than anything. Paul is a truck drive and a creature darling who he cherishes what he does, even it can get desolate on the long street. Hence, not many years prior he chose to embrace a feline named Howie to turn into his partner out and about. Unfortunately, Howie left this world in 2017 and Robertson experienced probably the greatest alarm of his life.

Step by step, he realized the time had come to make up for that shortcoming in his wrecked heart, so he went to a creature sanctuary to track down his new partner. He chose to pick the safe house since he needed to give another lost feline a decent home. Furthermore, at the safe house, he met Percy, a ginger lost feline in the city.

Because of few battles on roads, Percy had a physical issue over his correct eye and missed one of his canine teeth. In spite of the fact that he had a troublesome past, he was still just about as sweet as anyone might think possible. Robertson immediately realized Percy was the correct feline for him and he chose to receive him.

Percy came into Robertson’s life and turned into his absolute best ally for their long stretch outings. The sweet natured feline loves riding in the truck and watching the world pass by. Percy immediately adjusted to Paul’s shipping way of life. They do everything together, they function as a group and live as a family.

We’re so glad Percy and Robertson found each other! They have now been together for almost two years, the sweet cat has brought so much joy to Robertson’s life.

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Watch Percy the cat in the video below!

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