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Rescuers Found Dog Desperately Looking For Her Pups, She Stops At Nothing To Get Them Back

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When the staff at the Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans got a call about an abandoned mama dog in bad shape, they rushed to rescue her. They were shocked to see her condition and were concerned as her puppies were nowhere to be seen.

YouTube/Animal Planet

When one of the rescuers called out to her, the sweet mama dog immediately began wagging her tail and came rushing over. It’s as if she knew these men were here to help her find her missing puppies.

She then led the men to a house just 20 feet away. After some questioning, they found out that the mama dog belonged to a man who was now in jail. The man’s roommate had the puppies, and he claimed he was taking care of the mama dog and the puppies. The rescuers saw that this was clearly not true.

YouTube/Animal Planet

When they couldn’t get the man to surrender the puppies to them, the rescuers sought legal help, and sure enough, they came back with legal permission and took the puppies away from the man and back to the mama dog.

YouTube/Animal Planet

Although a couple of puppies looked weak, they immediately started nursing when reintroduced to their mama. Mama dog was so happy and thankful, you can see the gratefulness in her eyes. How sweet!

Click the video below to watch this sweet and emotional reunion.

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