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This 10 Year Old Boy Reunion With His Dog Will Make Your Day

Recently, a 10-year-old kid named Tyler Bandy got all that current he could want. As he strolled in the entryway, he was quickly overpowered by affection and kisses from an old companion — his canine, Bruiser.

Kid cries when he sees his lost canine once more

In January, Bruiser, a dim and white pit bull, was on a walk when he pursued a bunny and got lost.

The Bandy family did all that they could to attempt to find Bruiser. They posted pamphlets around their Florida area, posted on Facebook, put out old garments before their home so he could smell them and more than once checked their nearby creature control.

Bruiser the canine reunites with his son

However, as the weeks passed and no leads were discovered, the family was “beginning to lose trust,” as per Tyler’s mother, Jamie Bandy.

“That is the point at which the telephone rang,” the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office composed on Facebook. “Turns out their canine had been gotten by someone on their approach to Highlands County and, several months, it ended up in the possession of our creature administrations people.”

10-year-old Florida kid reunites with lost canine

A staff part at creature administrations thought the little guy looked natural and, after some burrowing via online media, she discovered why. Bruiser was gotten back to his folks, however they maintained his appearance mystery with the goal that they could shock Tyler.

“To say Bruiser had a glad homecoming would put it gently,” the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office said.

You can watch the enthusiastic get-together here:

Tyler was stunned when he returned home and saw Bruiser, and both were excited. Tyler promptly began crying and embracing his dearest companion, while Bruiser gave him licks, swaying his tail as hard as could be expected.

“[Tyler] was basically beaten when his folks astounded him with his closest companion,” the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office said. “The two have been indivisible since.”

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