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Boy Searches For Lost Dog For 8 Months – Watch The Tearful Moment They’re Finally Reunited

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but in this case, it’s clear he’s a little boy’s best pal.

Paula Williams from Lubbock, Texas, tugged at the heartstrings of millions when she posted a video of her son Kahne, 6, reuniting with his dog who was missing for a month. The happy mom shared the emotional moment on the city’s Lost and Found Pets Facebook page.

“On Dec. 4 our dog Kase went missing,” Williams told about the heartbreaking day. “We let him outside to go to the bathroom and when we went to let him in he was gone. My son cried and we went searching up and down the street, but couldn’t find him.”

To make matters worse, a week after he went missing the area suffered a huge blizzard with close to 20 inches of snow, and the family didn’t know the fate of their beloved pet.

Kahne Williams is a six year old boy who lives with his family in Texas. When his parents decided to get a dog, Kahne was the one to pick him out. The boy bonded with the puppy instantly, and the two became utterly inseparable. Kahne went everywhere with his dog, Kase, so when the pup went missing the boy was completely distraught.

Kase had been let outside into the garden to use the bathroom. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared. When Kahne’s parents opened the door to let the dog back in, they had no idea what had happened.

A month went by and the family feared the worst. One week into Kase’s absence, a storm struck. The untimely blizzard swept through the streets, coating everything in a deep blanket of snow that was almost 20 inches deep. If Kase was outside, he surely wouldn’t survive this catastrophe.

What the Williams family didn’t know was that one of the neighbors had found the dog and taken him in. They feared the pup would not survive the oncoming blizzard, so they took him into their home. The two little girls that lived there fed Kase and kept him warm. It was thanks to this family’s kindness that the pup was able to survive his month away from home.

One day, Kahne’s mom, Paula, was driving home and got stuck behind a bus. This turned out to be a stroke of good luck, as the incident led her right to her lost pup. The bus stopped in front of a house. As the children exited the vehicle, a dog shuffled up to the two little girls who had taken him in. That’s when Paula recognized that the excited dog was her own.

“That’s my son’s dog!” She shouted as she jumped out of her car and ran toward Kase. Finally, this doggie could go home.

Paula was grateful to the family for keeping her dog safe during the blizzard, but she was even more excited to bring Kase home to Kahne. The reunion between the two is truly heartwarming.

“Come on, I’ve got a surprise for you,” Paula told a confused Kahne. He obeyed his mother, but he clearly was not enthusiastic. That is, until he heard the news.

“Kase? Kase!” Kahne exclaimed as he reached his hand out to his pup. As he held the dog in his arms, he immediately started crying. “I missed you,” he said through gentle sobs. The little boy could not have been more grateful to have his dog back.

This is one video that will definitely pull on your heart strings. The love between a boy and his dog is a precious bond that will last a lifetime.

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