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What courage! Without thinking twice is thrown into the cold water to save the drowning deer

Becoming a hero is not easy but gives you a different pleasure. Marc Headon is a painter and decorator from Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.

That day he was on holiday due to the weather so he and his friend Jamie Toyne were driving when something unusual caught their attention. They noticed something moving in the nearby canal and decided to get closer to see, noticed some ears in the water. Ohh it was a little deer struggling to keep its head above water. It was very close to drowning, it must have been fighting for hours.

Marc did not think twice, he undressed and jumped into the cold water to save her. “Jamie helped me get the deer out and helped me out. I carried it to the top of the bank, where we wrapped it in blankets and tried to calm it and keep it warm, ” he said.

Luckily, Jamie filmed his friend during the moment of rescue. They wrapped him in blankets to stay warm while waiting for the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust to arrive.

This is one of those rescues we don’t get to see every day. It takes courage and love for the animals to do such an act. He was a true hero that day. Save the animals when they are in trouble, they need us.

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