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Kittens lose their mother, chicken Hen adopts them/ She gave them a lot of love, but she couldn’t feed them

Every mother understands better than anyone how difficult it is for a little one to grow up without parents. This story is about a mother hen.

Just a few days ago, Kurdish farmer and soldier Goran A Surchi saw one of the most unforgettable scenes he had ever witnessed in his entire life, and luckily he filmed the moment to share it with the whole world.

One morning he heard strange voices coming from the chicken coop and immediately went to look. What he found was surprising, three kittens were under the chicken wings. They were very friendly with him, no one wanted to leave. The kittens needed a mother and hen was there for them.

Their mother was drowned in the nearby lake and as if hen knew she decided to adopt them. Unfortunately, she could not feed them, however, she would give all the love and care of a mother.

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