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This is pure love! The cat refuses to leave, from the grandfather from the moment he realized that he had cancer

Cats get very close to their owners, they are there whenever we are upset, stressed or something went wrong during our day. They get closer by asking for caresses making you forget everything. It seems that they understand more than they should.

Two months ago, Kelly Nugent traveled from Florida to New York to care for her dad. Of course, she could not leave without taking her cat, Sweet Potato.

Nugent’s father was receiving treatment for bone marrow cancer, and she wanted to be close to him. This was a difficult period for Nugent’s father as he had difficulty moving and needed 24 hours care. The sweet Potato helped ease the situation.

“My 2-year-old cat isn’t a licensed animal therapy, he just loves everybody and wants to be around people,” Nugent said. Nugget’s father loved animals but did not think cats were so loving and supportive. But Sweet Potato made sure to change all that.

Nugget’s father loved animals but would never have owned a cat, he did not think cats were so loving and supportive. In the two months since Nugent and Sweet Potato arrived, the cat and her dad have become inseparable and do everything together.

The sweet Potato is with her every moment. He likes to sit on his lap and cuddle with him.”Whenever my dad’s computer, he jumped on his keyboard. Whenever my dad is sitting at the table to do some of his paperwork, Sweet Potato will sit on the paperwork. He just has to be on top of him, “Nugent said.

People look like twins when they watch Nugent videos because Sweet Potato has a little white mustache, and my dad has a white mustache.

Ever since the sweet Potato started behaving like a nurse Nugent’s father’s health has improved, this only from the presence, emotional support, and cuddles. The sweet Potato is love, it is wonderful what animals manage to do.

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