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An incredible story/ Boy Jumps Into Freezing Canal To Rescue Horse From Drowning

Cameron Martin, 13 years of age from Lowestoft, North England, has an extraordinary love for ponies.

One day he went to the Midspirit Equestrian homestead in Burgh Castle to see his horse. He saw that one of the ponies was not where it generally is and begun checking around.

The Domino horse had slipped into the trench. Cameron froze however there was nobody around so he needed to save it.

He promptly hopped into the channel and needed to remain in the freezing water for very nearly an hour holding the pony’s head up. Tanya Docwra-Smith, the homestead’s proprietor and the one who was taking care of the 13-year-old kid at that point, says she began to freeze when acknowledged Cameron is away for longer than 60 minutes, so they begin looking for him.

They discovered Cameron in the channel attempting to get Dominone out. Tayna requested assistance lastly, the pony emerged from the freezing trench. Cameron was sent for a hot shower.

On the off chance that he left the pony briefly, it would prompt his demise. He shuddered like a leaf, anyway essential to him was that Domino got away.

“I was so depleted thereafter that I rested for 24 hours, woke up for five, and afterward returned to rest for 22 more,” he said. He and the pony have fortified after this. He took a chance with his life however ultimately made a companion.

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