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Starving Homeless Dog Rescued And Taken To Pet Restaurants Every Day

It really is a dog’s life for Popeye, the formerly stray dog whose new owner treats him like a king at a never-ending dog banquet.

Popeye, who lives in LA with Ivy Diep and her husband, is an Instagram sensation, and his trips to some of the West Coast’s best dog-friendly restaurants have everyone eating out of the palm of his paws.

But life wasn’t always this tasty for Popeye. Ivy found him on the streets of LA, after having been abandoned to the life of a stray.

Ivy told Bored Panda:

He was such a mess – super skinny, heavily matted, dirty.

After dog-loving Ivy tried to house Popeye with little success, she decided to take him into her already full house.

She added:

It wasn’t long before he made himself at home at my place with my other dogs.

And of course, my husband and I fell in love.

Ivy nursed Popeye back to health, but the pup never really regained a typical canine appetite, and was always disinterested in her food when she took him out to eat with friends.

She explained:

He doesn’t lunge for food or really even care for it. He just liked to be out. He’ll get nibbles of anything that’s safe for him. I also carry a bag of treats for him, in case there’s nothing he can have.

Ivy’s friend Jane then suggested Popeye have his own Instagram foodie account.

Ivy continued:

One of my friends, Jen, suggested that I create an Instagram account for Popeye because he was cute. Jen and I liked to go on what we call ‘Instagram dates’ and take pics of our food.

I’d bring Popeye any time I can, and we realised he was really good around food.

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