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Dog Risks Her Life Running In The Middle Of Traffic, Begging For Help For His Injured Owner

Animals are truly wonderful and can save our lives on many occasions.

At the moment Milagro Muñoz Araya and her husband stopped the car near the veterinary hospital where she works, they saw a little dog wandering in the middle of the street, trying his best to dodge cars.

“When I saw her running so nervously, I knew she was trying to tell us something, so my husband and I parked the car to understand what was wrong”, said Milagro.

In fact, the boy led them to a man lying on the ground with a cane by his side, you could see that he was badly hurt.

“My husband and I immediately ran to him, the dog came with us and when he got close he started licking his face non-stop. We called an ambulance”, said Milagro.

It started to rain, but the boy didn’t leave his owner’s side. He never abandoned him.

When the ambulance arrived, they picked up the injured man and put him in the vehicle, and of course the dog jumped in too. He climbed up on the medical bed and leaned against his chest.

The paramedic in charge allowed it to happen, but then they had to remove him because they were not allowed to transfer dogs into that vehicle.

After the man was discharged from the hospital, Milagro found out where they lived and went to visit them. Their home was the box of a van… They are two very poor friends, who have only each other.

The brave girl’s name is Chiquita.

Milagro has decided to do something to help and will take Chiquita to the work station to get her vaccinated and cleaned up , since she practically lives on the street. They will also do the relevant blood tests to check that she is in good health.

“I think it’s very important that people know this kind of story so that they become more aware not only of how much animals suffer but how good they are. Many times they are helpless, they have a big heart, and sometimes they need our help. This shouldn’t be forgotten”, said Milagro.

She is absolutely right. How nice that on the way to Chiquita there were two kind people who were quite interested in her concern and went to the bottom of it to help both her and her owner.

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