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Dog And Cat Won’t Stop Crying At Shelter, So Staff Decides To Bring Them Together

Seeing animals in terrible shape with low chances of survival is enough to break anyone’s heart. Seeing two animals in very poor condition and their lives flickering before them is almost too hard to handle. Luckily for these two animals, they had each other to lean on.

A shelter in Kentucky recently rescued two animals who had very uncertain futures.

The first animal to be rescued was King, an 8-month-old puppy who was suffering from a broken leg. He was limping on his leg due to a previous break in his femur that was never given attention. Beth Haendiges, a spokesperson for the Kentucky Humane Society, said of King, “His left femur was shattered, and X-rays indicated that the leg could not be repaired.” With that news, veterinarians recommended that the broken leg be amputated.

It wasn’t until after his surgery that King would go on to discover his new feline friend.

While recovering from surgery in his crate, King was introduced to Laila, a 4-week-old kitten. Laila had come to the shelter showing symptoms of severe anemia. Haendiges said Laila “was extremely weak and unable to eat on her own, but this little girl is a fighter.”

A loving and dedicated support system is important for anyone to have during tough health situations and this pair provided that for each other. King and Laila met when they were kept in the same recovery room. Laila was being nursed by the devoted vet team at all times to save her life while King was being nursed by the same team to ensure his leg healed properly after amputation. A member of the staff wrote on Facebook, “Both of these little patients were crying and meowing for attention so we put them together. They just didn’t want to be alone.”

It did not take long for the two wounded warriors to warm up to each other. Laila, being the perfect size, took the opportunity to curl up next to King’s head. Haendiges explained that the method of putting the two animals together “worked wonders” while allowing them to calm down, rest and relax, together.

After the soothing encounter, the two friends were inseparable. Haendiges says the young pup and kitten “appear to find comfort in each other.” Both seemed so happy the next day!

The staff at Kentucky Humane Society are hoping to give the animals the opportunity to be adopted together. I don’t know about you but this whole situation makes my heart smile. Here’s to two friends leaning on each other to survive and stay happy!

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