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Cat Is So Convinced That No One Can See Him When He ‘Hides’

When Keanu was just a kitten, he was rescued from an industrial warehouse where his mom was working at the time. While he was shy at first, he quickly came out of his shell, and now he’s the friendliest cat around.

“He is cautious for the first five seconds he meets someone, then he is instantly their best friend,” Dani Baker, Keanu’s mom, told The Dodo. “When he’s not hiding, Keanu likes finding lizards and leaving them (alive and physically unharmed) in his dad’s shoes, gym bag, work bag, etc.”

Even though Keanu is very outgoing, one of his favorite hobbies is hiding wherever he can fit. He likes to be able to observe things in peace. Keanu definitely seems to think he’s an expert at hiding — when, in fact, his skills still need some work.

“[He hides in] different spots,” Baker said. “He gets creative depending on the furniture around. But it’s always in the room where his dad is. We joke that Keanu is always spying or keeping a watchful eye on his dad.”

Whether it’s under a table or the open dishwasher, Keanu is always able to find a fun spot to hide. Even though his family can totally still see him most of the time, it quickly became clear that Keanu hasn’t realized that yet. He definitely thinks he’s totally hidden every time.

“[He thinks] we absolutely can not see him,” Baker said. “We call to him (and he normally meows back) but when he’s hiding he doesn’t respond. Even if we tap his feet to let him know we see him, he won’t move.”

Keanu is determined to keep up his sneaky reputation. Even if his family can still see him, he thinks they can’t, and that’s all that matters. Sometimes he hides because he wants a quick private nap, sometimes it’s so he can watch his family eat and sometimes he just wants to keep an eye on everything uninterrupted. He always has his reasons.

Lately, Keanu’s new favorite spot to hide is under the Christmas tree, where, surprise, his family can still see him. Keanu really loves to hide and his family really loves to laugh at his adorable attempts at hiding, so it all works out in the end.

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