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The Dog Sitter Recorded This While The Owners Were Away, They Couldn’t Believe The Video

Skylar’s loving owners were heading on holiday, instead of leaving her in a kennel they opted to leave her in the safe hands of a dog sitter.

James, the dog sitter decided he would make the most of his time staying at the house and hanging out with the dog.

At first, it was going to be a few short videos but soon it turned into an epic story that he later proudly showed to the owners.

The owners knew and liked James and found the whole thing hilarious, although they did add, they found the love scene a bit odd saying haha “that’s just James’s strange humour, we love him”

After showing the video to the owners he decided to upload it to YouTube, naming it “Dog Story Of A Man’s Best Friend.”

What an amazing job he did, comment if you’d like someone like James to look after your dog too.

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