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An Brave Cyclist Rescues A Lost Kitten By Stuffing It Under His Shirt And Pedaling It To Safety

Helping an animal in need is usually a pleasure in and of itself, but this kindhearted man who rescued a cat also received a few lovely licks.

It’s simple to understand why she’d be thankful.

Viitor Fonseca, a Brazilian biker, was out on a ride when he came across a cat in distress. Rather than dismissing the kitten and leaving her destiny to chance, Fonseca chose to take her with him.

Fonseca found a spot for the small kitten under his shirt because he didn’t have any other options for holding her. And, as this viral video from his Facebook page reveals, she was overjoyed that he’d stopped to assist her.

According to Fonseco, he was able to locate the kitten a new home close afterwards. Meanwhile, neither of them is likely to forget their romantic bicycle ride together.

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