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Cat Was Plays Outside And Suddenly She Brings Home A Cute Kitten

As a young kitten, Posey walked up to her future mother’s house with her three cat siblings. After falling in love with Posey almost instantly, Claudia Wright made the decision to adopt her. Posey must have missed her kittens after they grew up and found families of their own, so she went out and found another one.

Though she’s grown up and is no longer a stray cat, Posey still enjoys going for walks in the woods. On a certain occasion, Posey went out for a few hours and returned back with an unexpected gift.


‘I suppose she missed having a kid around and found one,’ Wright told The Dodo.

When Posey was traveling, she came upon Meesy, a 7-week-old cat that she named after her. Her maternal instincts must have kicked in instantly, since Posey carried the kitten home and introduced her to her mother instead of leaving her to fend for herself.


“The kitty has never been seen in the neighborhood before,” Wright added with a laugh. “If the kitty is not yours then please let me know. They may have simply managed to cross paths since Meesy was separated from her mother.”


So young, Meesy was bottle-fed, and while she wasn’t being held by Wright, she was snuggled by Posey. In an attempt to convince her mother that she should keep Meesy as a pet, Posey doted on her as much as she could.


After following Posey home one day, Meesy ended up with her permanent family, and both cats couldn’t be happier about it.


“They’re in love,” Wright remarked. “They’ve adopted each other fully.”

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