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For Her 15th Birthday, The Family Throws a Quinceanera For Their Cat

Luna’s family spotted her roaming along the side of the road when she was just 3 weeks old and chose to adopt her. Since then, they have treated her with love and care, and when her 15th birthday arrived, they wanted to give her a spectacular celebration.

A quinceañera is a rite of passage and cultural ritual in which a girl’s 15th birthday is celebrated with a large party. Luna’s family felt that she, too, needed one because they love and appreciate her so much.


Luna’s sibling, Angel Olavarria, told The Dodo that Luna is an amazing sweetie who enjoys cuddling up with people and resting on her back on the floor. “She has outlived all of our pets because we lavished her with affection. We decided to surprise our little cheese ball with a quinceañera celebration on her 15th birthday.”

Luna’s quinceaera was planned about a year in advance, thanks to Olavarria’s mother, who came up with the concept over a year ago. Lots of food, a cake, decorations, a guest list — and, of course, a dress for the birthday girl — would be included.

Olavarria explained, “My mother found the outfit on Amazon.” “When my mother said she was going to purchase a frock for her, I assumed she was joking, but my mother never jokes about our pets.”


A pink tablecloth, balloons, and even flowers were used to decorate the party area. Luna’s family went all out to let her know how important she is to them.


When the big day arrived, Luna’s family dressed her up in her lovely pink gown, seated her at the head of the table, and began toasting to her 15 years of happiness. The party lasted three hours, with 12 family members and guests enjoying excellent company and plenty of food, including a typical tres leches dessert.


Luna, too, had a good day, especially when she received her own special surprise.

“She was such a good sport during the whole thing,” Olavarria added, “and we think she even realized we were honoring her.” “She liked it even more when we opened up a large can of tuna for her.”


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