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Humanity Is Being Restored When A Guy Was Seen On The Subway With A Little Kitten

During a recent subway ride in New York City, Gillian Rogers’ mood was instantly brightened by a man who was seated in the same train car as her.

It turns out that the man Rogers spotted wasn’t the only one who had noticed him, either.


A small kitten was curled up in a towel on the stranger’s lap.

According to Rogers, he was bottle-feeding her. “You could tell how much they cared. I thought my heart would burst when I saw someone who cared so much. He was totally immersed in the present time.”


So, after observing him for a while and realizing that she couldn’t go before learning more, Rogers approached him to find out where he’d found the cat.

‘We had a conversation,’ she added. I asked him where the cat was and he said he had discovered it between two buildings.”

Instead of leaving the kitten to fend for herself, the guy had rescued her and taken it upon himself to keep her warm and well-fed until she was adopted.


“She was staring at him while he fed her,” Rogers added. “It was really heartwarming to watch. I thanked him for his help.”


In no time, she had to depart in order to ask Rogers for his name. Despite the fact that they had parted as strangers, Rogers’ day had been altered by witnessing the man’s kind attitude.

“In all honesty, this was a unique experience. I felt like I was walking on air when I stepped off the train “This was confirmed by Rogers. “I was elated, as if my trust in mankind had been restored. It’s still possible to find nice individuals in the world.”

Since she is the creator of Pet Rescue Squad Inc., it was a very painful moment for Rogers. Rogers realized exactly how much a stranger’s act of kindness can influence the world after he posted about the meeting online, which has now gone viral.

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