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An Abandoned Cat Becomes The Perfect Companion For A Girl In A Wheelchair 

Chris Poole, nicknamed Cat Man Chris, is the human father of Internet superstars Cole and Marmalade. He devotes most of his time to caring for the colony cats in his neighborhood, and he frequently assists local animal shelters in rescuing, trapping, and rehoming cats and kittens discovered on the streets or in horrible situations.

He saw a new addition, a lovely white cat, one day while out feeding the colony cats. Chris assumed he must have been owned by someone at some point, maybe abandoned by a family moving away from the flats nearby, because he was very hungry and friendly.

Credit: We Love Cats And Kittens

Chris observed that this kitten was appearing more regularly and responding to his calls. He was obviously happy with the free food, and he was even happier when Chris bought catnip for him! Chris decided it was past time to rescue this stray cat and find him a new forever home.

Credit: We Love Cats And Kittens

So he put up a trap, and the whole thing was simple thanks to catnip. It was time to take him to the shelter to be examined and to see whether he had been microchipped. There was always the possibility that he hadn’t been abandoned and was simply a lost kitten.

Watch the following video:

This kitten clearly enjoys human companionship, as was evident to everybody. Richey, as he was now known, became a favorite of all the volunteers and would frequently climb up into any available lap in search of attention! And, as you can see, he’s the ideal partner for Kiley. They’d discovered a cat who wasn’t scared of her powered wheelchair, and I adore how he spends the most of his time giving her licks and affection.

Credit: We Love Cats And Kittens

It’s really a lovely sight to see them become strong friends. Thank you so much to Cat Man Chris for making all of this happen and for making Richey and Kiley so happy. It’s a Purr-fect Pair!

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