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In Order To Avoid Being Alone At Home, The Woman Brings Her Cat To Class With Her

Ba Dun is an adorable 1-year-old Munchkin cat, a species noted for its tiny legs, who lives with his mother Ms. Wen in Xi’an, northwest China. After he refused to allow her leave the house without him, the woman brings her cat to class with her, and the entire amusing event was captured in a video uploaded on the Chinese social network Douyin, which immediately went popular on the Internet.

According to Ms. Wen, who spoke to the Daily Mail,

Ba Dun pressed his face on my thigh, his face sorrowful because he wanted me to stay with him. I was, however, running late for my class. I couldn’t stand disappointing him, so I brought him to class with me.

Credit: BD20191125 IN DOUYIN

Apparently, the kitty was quite well-behaved, and the instructor was completely unaware of his presence in the classroom. After the video became viral, he just found out about all that had transpired.

Ms. Wen expressed her thoughts as follows:

“He was doing a fantastic job and without making a peep.”

Ms. Wen claims that her cat’s name, ‘Ba Dun,’ which means ‘eight meals,’ celebrates her pet’s voracious appetite. She said that if she allows it, the lovely kitty may eat up to eight meals.

Credit: BD20191125 IN DOUYIN

People on the Internet were delighted to see the beautiful cat hiding with his mother as she attended his courses, and the video rapidly surpassed 300 million views.

One user said:

Look at those huge, inquisitive eyes! He’s also doing a lot of studying.

Credit: BD20191125 IN DOUYIN

Ba Dun undoubtedly wanted to ensure that his mother continued to accompany him to his lessons so that he could constantly be at her side and snuggle up.

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