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When A Woman Turns Around While Walking Her Dog, She Discovers A Colony Of Adorable Kittens Following Her Home

Cats may give the appearance that they are indifferent, yet they are. They, like everyone else, desire our love and attention. Especially the ones whose owners have abandoned them. That, too, at a time when kids require the greatest love and care.

Instead of praising individuals who leave their dogs, we’ll honor those who provide them with the love and care they need. Bree Taylor, a young woman from Queensland, Australia, was walking her dog Koda home when she spotted something unusual.

Credit: Catoholic

Bree and her dog heard something in a neighboring grassfield while strolling on Branch Creek Road in Dalby. Normally, hearing a disturbance from a nearby bush isn’t a concern, but if you live in Australia, the likelihood is that it’s a large snake.

Thankfully, it didn’t turn out that way. Instead, it was a tiny group of beautiful kittens, much to her amazement!

Credit: Catoholic

The kittens continued approaching her. She wasn’t sure what to do at first since she assumed they were stray cats and that their mother would be around. Bree recounted the situation to Courier Mail in the following way:

“Honestly, I believed they were wild kittens coming out to harm my dog, so I took a step back because I feared Mumma Cat was going to appear.”

Credit: Catoholic

Unfortunately, the kittens were alone. They were stranded in the middle of nowhere, all by themselves.

“They came straight up to me, so I sat on the ground, purring and starving.”

The kittens were overjoyed and delighted when they saw Bree. They only wanted someone to love and care for them.

“I couldn’t believe there were 10 of them, and I was even more astonished that they only wanted to hug. They were ravenous. Cats weren’t hissing, but they were meowing and leaping on me, so I knew they weren’t wild. They had a good understanding of what a human was.”

Credit: Catoholic

“I was more concerned that they might be ran over by a truck than that I wouldn’t be able to carry them all.”

That, though, was a new challenge. Her house was a long distance away, and she couldn’t possibly take them all. So she decided to go home and grab something to carry them in first.

She departed after making her decision. She had no idea that any of this was unnecessary. She turned around for no apparent reason and discovered that all 10 kittens were pursuing her!

Credit: Catoholic

They trailed her for almost a mile and a half until one of them became exhausted, at which point she scooped him up and carried him herself. The others continued to trail her and her dog Koda until they arrived at their destination.

But hold on, there’s more. When she posted the entire tale on Facebook, it immediately went viral, and people donated money to help Bree feed and vaccinate the stray kittens.

Credit: Catoholic

Many individuals reached out to her after her message went viral. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Bree emphasized the necessity of caring for stray cats.

“Don’t own a cat if you can’t afford to desex it or care for and locate homes for kittens. It’s terrible to abandon them on the road once they’ve become dependant on humans.”

She went on,

“They’re masters of replication. They have a significant influence on native species in the ecosystem, particularly feral cats, which are most likely the fate of these kittens.”

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