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An Fox Thief Breaks Into A House In Order To Steal A Cat’s Pillow

She had just gotten ready for work when Meloney Blazye realized something wasn’t quite right in her cat’s bed one morning last week.

Blazye said, “As I was past the kitchen, I saw these very big ears.” “I stood with one foot in the bathroom and the other in the hallway and took a step back to take another look. They weren’t cat ears, after all.

They belonged to a fox that had crept in via an open window and usurped Blazye’s cat’s spot in the cat bed when the feline was out in the garden.

Blazye turned on the light, and the fox looked back at her instead of fleeing out the window through which he had entered.


Blazye explained, “I glanced at him, and he looked at me.” “He didn’t seem scared of me at all.”

Blazye was at a loss for what to do and attempted to think of who she might contact to discreetly dismiss her early-morning houseguest. Blazye’s cat, George, barged in through the bathroom window at that same time and began hissing at the fox, evidently not ready to share his bed with anybody else.

“The fox was unconcerned,” Blazye explained. “He was behaving like another member of the family who had been there for years and was perplexed by the uproar.”

Blazye decided to knock on the bed to see if it would get the fox to go because he was so peaceful and exhibited no symptoms of mange or disease. She then turned the bed over, but the fox clung to it for as long as he could before leaping back out the window.


“He would have definitely come back in if I hadn’t shut the window after that,” Blazye claimed. “I suppose he was chilly because he didn’t want to be outside. After that, he stood at the window for a few minutes, staring in at the cat and me before leaving.”

Blazye later saw the same fox take refuge under a neighbor’s deck, but he hasn’t wanted to get back in since that day.

Blazye remarked, “The whole event blew me away.” “I’d never been that close to a wild animal before – he was incredible to see up close.”

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