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After Being Rescued, A Vulnerable Street Kitten Got To Have His First Bath

Kitten rescue is usually more difficult than adult cat rescue since kittens are considerably weaker and require more specialized care. When you see a small kitten wandering aimlessly around the streets, it’s difficult to ignore the unfortunate creature and keep walking as if nothing has happened.

Credit: Kitten Street

That’s why, when she came upon a trembling kitten meowing for assistance, she carried him home without hesitation. He wasn’t the first cat she’d rescued from the streets, and he certainly won’t be the last. She covered the poor child in a shirt, placed him in a plastic basket, and propped him up with two bottles of water. He was even given the nickname “Street” by the woman.

Credit: Kitten Street

After they arrived safely at their destination, the first thing she did was syringe feed the kitten. Street was still trembling and appeared to be in a bad mood. So, for the benefit of the small cat, she decided to wait till he was a little stronger before assisting him in cleaning his filthy body. When the moment arrived, Street appeared anxious at first, but he subsequently revealed himself to be a thalassophile! The smoll kitten enjoyed the water and could relax and enjoy bath time without creating any difficulty; he must be one of the most well-behaved kittens we’ve ever seen during their first wash. What a lovely floof! Seriously, that face has the ability to melt anyone’s heart.

Credit: Kitten Street

When the newborn boy was cleaned and fed again, he continued to behave well. He even warmly climbed on her to express his love and thanks. Yes, Street was well aware that his life had been irrevocably altered in a positive way.

Credit: Kitten Street

Watch the whole rescue here:

Street now has a wonderful life with his mother and a plethora of adorable four-legged buddies.

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