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Nice Grandma Is Duped By A Sneaky Wild Possum Into Taking Care Of Him

Eric Hertlein’s grandma, who is an animal enthusiast, has a soft place for the stray cats who reside near her Kansas house. So much so that she’s made aside a comfortable spot on her covered porch for them, complete with beds and food. She even welcomes them inside the house on occasion.

She had no idea, however, that one of the kittens she had been care for for the last few months wasn’t actually a cat.


Eric just decided to pay a visit to his grandmother’s residence. She was there to welcome him as he came in, along with the usual assortment of stray animals who frequent the area. However, Eric’s gaze was drawn to something unexpected.

An opossum was snuggled up amid the cats in his own bed.

Eric believed the wild impostor had just slipped in, alarmed and perplexed. Eric’s grandmother, appearing taken aback by his outburst, tried politely to soothe his worries. What’s with the “cat” in the corner? He’d been changing his mind for a long. Tete was his name.

Eric told The Dodo, “She convinced me it was one of her cats.” “I told her it wasn’t what she thought it was,” says the narrator.


Grandma was the one who was puzzled now.

Eric remarked, “I laughed for a good five minutes.” “When I started pointing out the pointed nose and thin tail, she had no idea what I was laughing about. She had no idea he wasn’t a cat.”

Eric’s grandma was taken aback by everything. She had to check it out for herself. Her reaction upon learning the truth about Tete, on the other hand, could not have been more nicer.

Eric remembered, “She just sorta sat there.” “Then she moved in closer… and slowly looked up at me with the greatest grin on her face, saying, ‘Well, he hasn’t disturbed me yet, so I’m OK with him being here!'”


Grandma has embraced the opossum, and the actual cats who hang out at her house have as well. None of them appear concerned by him, implying that they were all aware of his actual nature all along.

It’s unknown how Tete ended up with a gang of kittens, although he might have been orphaned. When Eric initially arrived up at his grandmother’s house searching for food and warmth, the opossum was merely a baby, which Eric mistook for a cat.

The fact that Eric’s grandma accepted him in back then, and continues to do so now that she knows the truth, demonstrates the power of compassion.


“She adores animals and helps them whenever she can,” Eric explained. “It simply makes you want to do better and treat other people better.”

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