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When A ‘Blind’ Cat Finally Opens His Eyes, He Seems To Have The Most Beautiful Eyes

Carmen Morales couldn’t believe how sick Cotton was when she first met him.

The small white cat was found as a stray on the streets of Florida, famished and in excruciating discomfort. He’d contracted mange, which had spread across his entire body, including his eyes.


Morales, the creator of Animal Friends Project, told The Dodo that the mites were so awful that he couldn’t even see or open his eyes. “It must have been terrifying for him not to be able to see out there. He was completely alone and quite thin due to his inability to find food.”

Morales, who has cared for dozens of sick rescue cats over the years, set up a quarantine ward in her bathroom for the cat, where she began feeding him regular meals and administering antibiotics. Cotton was itchy and uncomfortable at first, but after a few days of treatment, he began to feel better.


“As the days progressed, we could just see his stiff body start to relax,” Morales recalled. “At long last, he was able to relax without scratching so much.”

Cotton trusted Morales right away, despite the fact that he couldn’t see. He was incredibly patient as Morales labored every day to apply ointment and coconut oil to his sore skin, and he looked forward to seeing her for pets and food. Cotton’s condition improved over time. After a few weeks of diligent care, something miraculous occurred.


Cotton blinked open his eyes and saw.

Cotton’s eyes were not only restored, but they were also beautiful. The color of one eye was vivid blue, while the color of the other was hazel.

Cotton eventually overcame his health concerns and appeared to be a completely different cat as the months passed.


Morales was taken aback, and Cotton appeared to be as well. After being unable to see for so long, he had a renewed energy to finally see the world around him. No one knows how long he was blind, but it was most likely several months.

Morales explained, “We assumed he was blind and would be blind forever.” “The vet was concerned that his eyes would be damaged even if he recovered, but they were not. It came as such a pleasant surprise. His eyes were simply stunning.”


Cotton, 6, was like a new cat after three months in rehabilitation, and he had established a unique relationship with Morales. He followed her everywhere she went, and she was the only one who could pat him for more than a few seconds. He was frightened and shy among other people, but with Morales by his side, he gradually became more comfortable and confident.


Morales explained, “If I go into another room, he stays outside the door chatting.” “He sleeps with me, and he is always at my side… I have a fantastic friendship with him. He’s an excellent communicator who enjoys meowing at me.”

Cotton is now enjoying such a luxurious life as a result of everything he’s been through, and Morales is grateful she discovered him when she did.

Cotton, it’s apparent, feels the same way.


“We received a lot of applications for him because of his appearance, but in the end, I realized how connected he had gotten to me,” Morales added. “I didn’t want to put him through another major transition. He’d gone through so much already.”

Cotton was overjoyed to be welcomed into the family as a permanent member, and now spends his days relaxing, playing, and following his mother around everywhere she goes.


Morales stated, “He is very lovely and the ideal companion for our family.” “Because they can’t always beg for aid, cats like Cotton rely on others to heal… I’m sure a lot of people passed him by because he looked so ill, but he was simply waiting for someone to take a chance on him.”

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