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Because No One Wants Him, Britain’s Loneliest Cat Is Facing A Second Christmas At Home

Britain’s loneliest feline, a rescue cat, is facing his second Christmas without a forever family.

Toby, an 11-year-old cat, was rescued from a residence with 46 other cats on Christmas Eve last year and transported to an RSPCA branch in Canterbury, Kent.

Rescuers hoped Toby would find some loving new owners early in the new year, since most cats stay in the rescue center for roughly 28 days before finding their final home. However, poor Toby was still waiting when January came and went.

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With the passage of time, he officially surpassed Twizzle, Britain’s prior loneliest cat, who won the distinction after spending 125 days at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

Toby was able to settle into a foster home, but he has now been without a forever home for 332 days, and with Christmas fast coming, it appears that the 11-year-old will be spending the holidays without his own family once more.

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Toby was shy at initially, but has recently broken out of his shell, according to Beth Hixson of the RSPCA.

She explained:

Toby’s previous housemates were swiftly rehomed, but poor Toby couldn’t deal with being in the cattery and hid away, refusing to come out when people arrived to pick a cat.

Toby was placed in a foster home and has shown to be a social, friendly, and active cat.

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The fluffy black kitty enjoys cuddling up on the bed at night and going outside on bright days; all he needs now is a family with whom to share these pastimes.

Toby was hoped to be adopted on National Black Cat Day in October, which celebrates the beauty of black cats that are often neglected for new homes, but the sad feline was not so lucky. According to the RSCPA, over half of the cats in its care are black, and rehoming them takes longer than any other color.

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Toby would be best suited to a quiet home without children or other pets, where he may live out his days in peace.

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