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Kittens Can’t Get Enough Of The Officer Who Saved Them By Hugging And Licking Him

Adkins and Hillard, two Texas police officers, were responding to a shoplifting report at TJ Max in Arlington when they were stopped by a lady who asked for their assistance.

The woman stated that beneath her car there were two small kittens.

When the police went down to examine the situation, they noticed two small faces looking back at them.

Credit: arlingtonpolicedept

Officer Adkins gently dragged the two kittens to safety without injuring them.

The two kitties wouldn’t quit hugging him when he got to the car. The two kind cops rushed to a nearby veterinarian facility that specialized in rescuing animals.

Credit: arlingtonpolicedept

The kittens were around 6 weeks old and in good health, according to the vet.

As he stared down at the kittens, Adkins’ heart warmed as he fed them formula from a bottle. By the minute, he was becoming more and more in love with them.

Credit: arlingtonpolicedept

The more time they spent with their new companion, the more attached the little kittens became. So he soon decided to adopt them and gave them the names TJ and Max!

He hadn’t planned on adding two kittens to his household, but the cats had definitely chosen him. We’re overjoyed that these kitties have found their permanent home.

Credit: arlingtonpolicedept

The two kittens have settled into their new permanent home and are smitten with their new father.

When he went to work that day, he had no intention of bringing home two new family members, but as soon as they cuddled up to him, he couldn’t say no.

Credit: arlingtonpolicedept

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