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Meowing For Help To A Stranger, Those Three Cats Need His Help Now

Cat Man is a fictional character who appears in the Chris Poole, as Chris, is a self-proclaimed Crazy Cat Guy! Cole, Marmalade, Jugg, and Zig Zag are his cats.
He devotes a lot of time to caring for the community cats in his neighborhood, fostering kittens, and promoting the “don’t shop, adopt” philosophy to raise awareness about the massive number of cats and kittens who enter animal shelters each year and need to be adopted.

Credit: We Love Cats And Kittens

In this video, he is out feeding stray cats in his neighborhood when he notices three kittens that are all alone.

They are quite sociable and believe that they were left on the streets by a heartless human. He attempts to save them, knowing that they are incapable of looking for themselves at such a young age, so that they might be adopted into a loving home.

Credit: We Love Cats And Kittens

Watch the video down below:

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