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Protective Pup Won’t Leave Cats’ Side Unless They’re Both Rescued

They discovered the couple in the Hampton Soccer Park in Hampton, Virginia. The pets were crammed into a space between two portable toilets.
And what an odd couple they were!

Credit: Coleandmarmalade

The animal enthusiast had no idea where the two came from or whether they had been abandoned. Whatever the case, they realized they had to assist the two!

They made a post on Nextdoor, a local private social network. The message ultimately made its way into the Facebook animal group Lost & Found Pets of Hampton Roads, VA, in the hopes of identifying owners if the two had just escaped.

The poor creatures were terrified and didn’t understand why they were getting so much attention. Three individuals were obstructing their escape routes, preventing them from meeting any further danger.

If they tried to approach the kitten, the dog would bark and grunt to protect it.

Animal Control was on its way to the scene as the humanitarians were attempting to soothe the terrified fur-babies.

Credit: Coleandmarmalade

The dog had learned they were not in danger by the time A.C. arrived, and cops were able to grasp the dog without the need of a catch pole. When you can go near enough to the animal to scruff them, it’s always a better sign.

The kitten appeared to have some skin concerns, so both of them were sent to the doctor for a complete examination.

Unfortunately, under the county’s care, their narrative was not certain to finish pleasantly.

They had practically no chance of being kept together at Animal Control because they were a dog/cat mated pair. They also have no way of requiring that animals be adopted together.

Credit: Coleandmarmalade

The couple is now in foster care until they can be spayed or neutered. They’ll be placed up for adoption after that.

Ertugrul offered The Dodo a cheerful update in a recent piece that drew worldwide notice.

If you’ve gone head over paws for this adorable pair, please contact the shelter for adoption information if you live in the Virginia Beach region.

Credit: Coleandmarmalade

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