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In the United Kingdom, A Cat Saves Its 83-Year-Old Owner After He Falls Into A Ravine

When people fall into ravines and no one is nearby, just a few people survive the night. That was not the case for an 83-year-old British woman who was rescued by her cat. The woman went missing near her house on August 21. She went for a walk and ended up down a 70-foot ravine with her cat following close behind.

Fearing for her owner’s life, the cat began meowing to draw attention. Her cries were heard by a neighbor, who alerted the authorities, who were able to pull the woman out and get her to a doctor.

One of the woman’s neighbors discovered her, wondering as to why the cat was meowing so loudly. When the police arrived and rescued the owner, Piran the cat became the hero of the day. She was admitted to a hospital right away and got life-saving medical treatment.

The cat and her owner, according to the neighbor, were quite close. It’s no surprise that she saved the person she cares about the most. Let this serve as a reminder that cats, like dogs, are loyal to their owners. Piran, the cat, is proof of this.

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