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Two Kittens Were Blinded By Eye Infections, But Tessa And Tilly Are Doing Much Better Now

Tessa and Tilly are 12-week-old cat sisters available for adoption at King Street Cats in Alexandria, Virginia. The couple has more mending to do before they can move to their forever homes. But don’t panic; the girls are being cared for by a foster family who is assisting them in recovering from surgery to remove their infected eyes.

I got the opportunity to talk with the kittens and discovered that they had been found on the streets. “We were really badly famished, with a lot of fleas stinging us,” the kittens stated. We both had severe colds, but the worst thing was that we both had horrible eye infections. Our eyeballs swelled up and ached excruciatingly.”

King Street Cats/Facebook

Things began to improve for the starving kittens once they were placed in the care of King Street Cats and a foster home. The sisters visited a veterinarian and were given medication to help them feel better, but “our eyes had been damaged by the infections, and the only way to get rid of the agony and have us fully recover was for both of us to have both eyes removed.”

When the kittens first received the news, they were terrified, but the agony was unbearable, and they despised it. “We would remain blind no matter what,” they agreed, “and we believed not hurting any longer sounded like the best thing to do, so we decided to go through with the operation.”

King Street Cats/Facebook

This turned out to be the kittens’ best option. Infections in little bodies are no laughing matter. Bad bacteria and viruses may swiftly weaken and even kill kittens. Tilly and Tessa, on the other hand, received the help they required, and today they tell me, “We feel so much better.” We’re having a lot of fun, purring, and eating a lot. We even managed to break out from our confinement. That was a lot of fun for us, but not so much for Foster Mom. So now we’re focusing on becoming stronger and maturing.”

King Street Cats/Facebook

The best news for these kitty brothers and sisters? Tessa and Tilly will be ready for their permanent home soon, where they will be happy and fulfilled.

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