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Very Worry  And Unsteady On His Feet, He Did His Best To Survive On The Streets On His Own!

He is unstable on his feet and more than a bit wobbly as he tries to survive on his own until he is rescued by the Lange Foundation, a Los Angeles-based rescue organization, where the crew instantly fell in love with the fairly strong-willed little warrior.

One of the staff members saw the ‘tiny kittens’ will to survive and stepped forward to provide him a home, giving him the name Eddie in the process.


“The shelter discovered that he was capable of doing everything normally, but that he had some stability difficulties, despite the fact that he did not believe he is different. He has cerebellar hypoplasia, which causes him to fall over, and hydrocephalus, which accounts for his larger-than-average head.” According to the Lange Foundation.

Eddie has the unrestrained enthusiasm of any cat his age, pouncing on anything that moves and scampering around his play area, unaware that he is anything special.


“His cerebellar hypoplasia has no bearing on his lifespan. It merely makes him unstable and weak on his feet.”

Eddie was quickly back on all four paws after surgery for a prolapsed rectum, wrestling with any kitten he came across.


“He enjoys wrestling with cats and any dog that will let him to do so. Because of his instabilities, using the litter box sometimes be difficult, but he is doing well with a high-sided box.”

Lange Foundation described him as a “playful, humorous, and lovely child.”


“He topples over a few times, but that doesn’t stop him. He is self-assured, cheerful, pleasant, and entertaining.”


If he falls down, he quickly gets back up and acts as if nothing has occurred.

Soon, the daring youngster had mapped out every inch of his new home, tumbling around with a posse of adoring feline companions.


Eddie, the life of the party, had placed a grin on everyone’s face.

It was apparent from away that this small child was happiest when he was playing.


This unsteady kitten, who had previously struggled for survival on the streets, has well and completely acclimated to his new VIP life.

Every day should be lived to the maximum extent possible.


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