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A Woman Makes A Move On A Nasty, Abandoned Kitten And Rescued And Helped Her!

With no mom cat, a dirty stray kitten was wondering around an apartment building.

Fortunately, a nice woman happened to see the little one as he hung around at the bottom of their steps. She had seen wild cats in this region before, but this one was so filthy and filthy that she felt she had to assist him.

Credit: thebestcatpage

Violetohara said on tumblr, “We fed him some chicken but he couldn’t catch it.”

Credit: thebestcatpage

She was well aware that the kitten was in bad shape. With a little assistance from her downstairs neighbor, they were able to grab the kitten and provide him with a cozy towel to snuggle with.

Credit: thebestcatpage

Following that, the woman continued to brush his hair! The kitten was first scared, but after she began to help him relieve his suffering, he quickly calmed down, cuddling in her arms and feeling safe.

Credit: thebestcatpage

“We cleaned the fleas and filth off him and gave him medication for a little cold, but he was otherwise healthy, kneading and purring like crazy, eating a lot, and being heartbreakingly adorable.” Here are a few pictures from kitty’s first vet visit!

Credit: thebestcatpage

He appeared to be a completely new cat after only one day! The woman gave the tiny rescue fur baby the name ‘Nux’ and lavished him with all the affection he had craved for a long time!

Nux sat down on her lap and gazed up at her hero, as if to say, “Thank you for saving me.” Nux was granted a second chance at life.

He’s all grown up now, and he’s healthy and happy!

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