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Abandoned Baby Kitten Wouldn’t Stop Crying Until She Was Rescued By A Loving Family

Alyssa Weber and Josh Stott were enjoying a calm morning at Josh’s parents’ farm, but something was about to happen that would be the largest rescue effort they had ever seen.

Alyssa was walking around the property when she heard a strange bird-like sound in a high-pitched tone.

Credit: Alyssa Weber/Cole and Marmalade

However, because she had previously worked at Big Cat Rescue, she quickly realized it was a kitten’s call for rescue.

The sound bothered her, so she ran about attempting to figure out where it came from. It appears to be coming from the property of a neighbor.

Credit: Alyssa Weber/Cole and Marmalade

So she headed out to investigate and discovered that the noise was coming from within one of the sheds. The family, on the other hand, had no contact with the guy next door, thus attempting a rescue may be regarded as trespassing on private property.

Josh’s sister, Emma, informed Alyssa that she had heard the same noise the night before, implying that the poor creature had been sobbing for almost 15 hours.

Credit: Alyssa Weber/Cole and Marmalade

This animal-loving couple decided they had to assist, so they asked their next-door neighbor if they could peek inside the shed. The man said he would look for himself, and when he returned, he stated he couldn’t find anything.

Alyssa was dissatisfied, so she enlisted the aid of a friend and decided to trespass, knowing that there was a cat in distress.

Credit: Alyssa Weber/Cole and Marmalade

The friend said he’d go check in the shed, and when he came out, he had a tiny cat in his hands.

After hearing the sound she made, they decided to name the kitten Birdie.

Credit: Alyssa Weber/Cole and Marmalade

She is now in wonderful hands, and her rescuers lavish her with love and attention.

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