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Adoption Brings Sick And Lonely Cats’ To Dreams Of A Forever Home To Life

More than 3 million cats enter animal shelters and rescues each year. According to the ASPCA, 1.6 million of these cats found their permanent homes. So, one might argue that shelter and rescue workers are the fairy godparents who help cats realize their goals.

The wonderful trip to home is not simple for some felines. Many cats end up at shelters because they are sick, wounded, or terrified. Some people have never experienced what it’s like to be at home, while others have lost it. Whatever their backstory, many cats find their happy ending through adoption owing to the tireless efforts of cat lovers.

Cat parents have shared their experiences with rescue and adoption on social media, and the images are really stunning!

“At the shelter, Furiosa was a frightened, scared little sweetheart. She fell in love with her new father right away. She’s the epitome of a daddy’s girl.”

Shirley the kitten found healing and a home just one week after climbing out of the garbage…

Binx was saved by his family after a terrifying storm in which he lost his cat mom and injured his eye, but “luckily these lovely people discovered me and my sister.”

Adoption transformed this thin kitten into a healthy and happy “foster fail” in just 6 months!

Tiny Martin was discovered hungry and with an eye infection, but now he’s a pampered baby with his very own heating blanket, which has proven to be “his literal dream come true,” as “this kid LIVES to be snug and warm!”

Adoption transforms feral cats into loving companions. If you ask Jacqueline the cat about the magic in her mother’s hugs, she’ll tell you about it…

Mimi McQueen was a fragile kitten when she joined her family, but today she’s a healthy girl who takes her daughter role seriously, giving, and caring for others. “I’ve got to tell you, it’s been a lot of work… There’s a lot of tuna to eat and a lot of birds to scare away so I can save my mother.”

“I discovered this little boy abandoned and hungry ten months ago; today he’s a pampered little prince.”

Hello, my name is Billy. He was in poor health with a mouth full of rotten teeth, but after surgery and plenty of love following adoption, his mother says, “I’d say he’s doing quite well.” We agree!

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