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3-Legged Cat Was Helped And Met The Family Of His Dreams When He Came Home

More than 8 years ago, a charming orange 3-legged cat named Bubby was roaming the streets in search of food when she met a nice guy. The lovely feline, who had also lost a portion of its tail, entered the man’s kitchen discreetly and befriended his cat, Seson.

The three-legged kitten was calling to his new feline friend from the door, inviting him to play; their connection was fantastic, but Seson passed a short time later. Bubby was invited to leave the streets by the man and his family, but the cat did not feel at ease within the house and asked to leave after each visit.

Bubby continued to pay him visits and soon earned his own seat and a set of dishes. The good man was concerned about the welfare of the children.


The father wanted to ensure that they could look after his friend, but despite his family’s best efforts, the cat only returned home once more. They looked for it everywhere and left food every day, but the plate was always discovered intact.

After a long search and multiple efforts, Bubby was nowhere to be found, and the family began to fear the worst.


A familiar figure emerged in the neighborhood around the summer. Everything pointed to Bubby, who was on his way to the place where he had previously received kindness. Ray Pincen, a local neighbor, immediately recognized the 3-legged cat since he remembered his late friend’s amazing bond with his faithful cat.

After several years on the streets, the tabby cat appeared to be much older and frail. Those years did not appear to be easy for the cat.


Bubby was in desperate need of veterinary assistance, and Ray’s efforts to save him were challenging. After a few months of unsuccessful attempts to trap it, Ray got increasingly concerned as winter approached, worrying that the cat might perish.

Ray walked over to the house where the kitty’s companion used to live, determined. Bubby’s new owner only saw him once in a while and seemed uninterested in him.

Ray politely requested that the next time he saw the cat, he open the door and come seeking for it.


Ray got a call the next day, saying the cat was in his neighbor’s kitchen. He dashed to get it and took it straight to Exploits Valley SPCA Adoptables. They had no idea if Bubby would make it, but they wanted to give it their all.

Sarah MacLeod, an Adoptables volunteer with the Exploits Valley SPCA, added:

“Bubby was dehydrated and battered. He was taken to the vet and would not have survived another storm if he had not been taken care of. He began purring on the exam table, according to the vet.”


During Bubby’s rehabilitation, the daughter of an old acquaintance read a social media post regarding the feline’s plight.

The shelter’s personnel include:

“She stepped forward and informed me about Bubby. When he saw him, he grieved and brought him his dishes. Bubby now eats from the same plates he used to lick at the man’s place.”


Sarah offered to look after Bubby after hearing his story.

She stated:

“Before I took Bubby home, I knew I wanted to spend as much time as possible with him. My boyfriend had to be persuaded because we weren’t looking for a cat.”


Bubby felt right at home, he doesn’t allow anything get in the way of his goals, he’s a gorgeous kid who knows how to get what he wants with those sorrowful eyes. He is well aware that he will never be turned down.

The three-legged cat has finally found a home who adores him. He also has a close buddy in the form of a pal. Sarah’s cats have also taken him under their wing and are constantly showering him with affection and hugs.


Finally, Sarah added:

“I consider myself fortunate to have him, he will be lavishly spoiled for the rest of his life.”

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