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After Being Rescued, Kitten Is Determined To Walk And Have A Happy Life

Dannielle Southon, founder of Southon Rescue and Central Florida Fosters, took in a 5-week-old kitten in need of special care. Manx syndrome and various congenital malformations affect the feline. The tiny girl’s tail and part of her spinal column are fused, giving her limited mobility in her hindquarters.

Despite her handicap, the kitten is determined to walk and will not let anything go in the way of her goal. From the outset, she was focused on recuperating and being able to play like any other kitty.


Dannielle explained:

“She was brought in as a stray with some rather obvious concerns by the local animal services. While still in the womb, the spine, tail, and legs were created in this manner.


The little girl’s name was Minerva, but her friends called her Minnie. Physiotherapy is given to the kitten in order to enhance her mobility, and they also assist her in going to the restroom. Despite everything she had to go through, Minnie is a great fighter.

Minnie has the heart of a courageous warrior and is always joyful and ready for some TLC, despite her modest size for her age.


Dannielle remarked:

“She sat purring, playing, and living life to the fullest on my lap.”

Even if they are in the restroom, the kitty is determined to stay close to her favorite humans at all times.


Minnie wants to be closer to her foster mother, so Dannielle built a nest in the shower to keep her safe and comfortable as she supervises things in the morning.


Minnie feels much better after trips to the vet and all of the affection from her adoptive family; her stomach troubles have mended, and she has become more playful and boisterous than ever in the days since her rescue; she is a happy girl.


The kitty is amazed by her increased vitality and eagerly explores every nook and cranny of her house. His physical restrictions don’t stop him from being content.

Minnie has come a long way in a short period of time, and her personality is blossoming. She is easily thrilled and wild over her toys, and she frequently meows to attract her people’ attention. She isn’t afraid to speak up about what she thinks.


Minnie enjoys her life as a spoilt indoor cat and is always looking for new adventures. Despite his limitations, he enjoys catching imaginary insects, jumping like a bunny, and climbing.

Dannielle continued:

“She is a cheerful, lively, and playful kitten who is completely unaware of her ‘difference.’ As soon as I come close to her, she purrs and meows. These kitten springs have become his new favorite toy. She’s a maniac.


Danielle guarantees:

“We’re focusing on his consistency and medication regimen, as well as how much sensation and usage he has in his hind legs,” says the doctor. As her foster mother, my mission is to get her to the greatest health possible and then prepare Minnie for the best life possible.

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