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Scout Cat Has Traveled Across The United States In A Truck With Her Father

Tora is a Scottish cat who enjoys travelling in the passenger seat of her adoptive father David Durst’s vehicle on adventures. These wonderful pals have visited many places and shared their adventures on Instagram. David had a difficult time finding a cat to adopt since adoption agencies believed that a cat could not have a high quality of life while continually traveling by road.


A breeder sent the man a photo of Tora just as he was about to give up. The kitten was only eight weeks old at the time, but David knew right away that he had discovered his ideal travel and adventure companion.

According to David, who spoke to Metro UK:

“Tora was eight weeks old when we received her, and we were on the road three days later.”


He continued:

“She was the bravest kitten I’d ever seen, and she immediately leaped into the truck. He enjoyed peering out the window and taking in the views. It was a seamless transition.


David professes to be ecstatic by Tora’s amazing social media acceptance. Dave and Tora have established a lot of actual friends during their travels, in addition to the hundreds of friends they’ve made online.

The couple has traveled to a variety of cities, including Sacramento, Austin, Houston, Dallas, and Orlando, among many others.


Tora’s incredible social media acceptance, according to David, has him happy. In addition to the hundreds of friends they’ve met online, Dave and Tora have made a lot of real friends during their travels.

The couple has visited numerous cities, including Sacramento, Austin, Houston, Dallas, and Orlando, to name a few.


Of course, wonderful adventures await these great friends on the road, and there will undoubtedly be more extraordinary destinations on their bucket list to visit.

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