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Special Needs That Are “Ugly” Stray Cat Comes From A Family Who Believes She Is Attractive

Lori Farris, 50, is a special education teacher. When she was leaving work one day, she stumbled across a kitten who appeared to be in bad shape. The kitten was filthy, flea-infested, and had a bloodied nose.

This kitten knew she had to aid Farris when she followed her to her car. As a result, Farris decided to take the kitten home to clean her up. She had no idea that this kitten was about to become a significant part of her life.

CREDIT: : @WillowtheBeautifulCat

Aside from that, the kitten appeared to be in good health. Fortunately, she was able to heal all of her problems over time. Her face and mouth, however, did not appear to be those of a conventional cat. While cats cannot have Down’s Syndrome, the vet indicated that she had a syndrome that was close to but not identical to Down’s Syndrome in cats. It’s possible that it’s merely a facial malformation.

Willow was Farris’ choice for the kitten’s name. Willow acclimated easily to her new life with Farris. Ella the Boxer, Farris’s dog, was also devoted to her. Willow and Farris have been inseparable since Willow joined the family, according to Farris. Willow and Ella spend a lot of time together, playing and snuggling.

CREDIT: : @WillowtheBeautifulCat

Willow is now about two years old and appears to be in excellent condition. She currently has a dedicated Instagram account with over 136,000 followers. Many of her images have her wearing flowers or a lovely cap on her head. Moreover, despite her unique appearance, Willow’s images are all charming.

“I don’t mind if people say she’s odd-looking because she is,” Farris added, “but I don’t like it when they label her ugly, retarded, or gross.”

CREDIT: : @WillowtheBeautifulCat

Willow may not seem like your usual cat, but she is stunning in her own right. She is fortunate to have a loving family who accepts her for who she is, as well as a large number of adoring fans. Willow demonstrates that animals are far more than their outward looks.

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