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Cat Pretends She Doesn’t Like the New Baby, Then Is Caught Napping With Her

Sunny spent nearly half of his life at a shelter, hoping to find his forever family. He was overjoyed when they finally did, and he immediately fell in love with his new life.

Sunny’s mother, Shannon Richardson, told The Dodo, “We acquired him from a shelter five years ago, at the age of eight.” “He had been seeking for a new home for six years, and as soon as we saw him, we knew we had to adopt him!”

Sunny was content with his life and routine until one day, when his parents brought home a new human young sister called Hazel, Sunny was displeased.


Richardson stated, “When we initially brought Hazel home, he didn’t seem to like her.” “We placed the newborn carrier on the floor, and he smelled her before walking away and eating his dinner.”


Sunny spent months attempting to make it apparent that he disliked Hazel. Until recently, when his parents happened to peek at the baby monitor and were horrified by what they saw, they wondered if the obstinate cat would ever warm up to his new sister.

Sunny crept into Hazel’s room after they had put her to bed one night and hopped up into her cot, then cuddled up next to her and fell asleep.

Richardson explained, “This was his first snooze with her.” “I was taken aback when I saw him in the crib. There is no simple way up without leaping quite a distance, and he dislikes jumping. He was there for four hours before my husband discovered he hadn’t returned to our bed!”

Sunny had always had a soft place for Hazel, it turned out; he simply hadn’t been ready to reveal it.


Richardson added, “He literally hopped in her crib this morning while she was sobbing and nuzzled against her.” “She hasn’t yet mastered the art of caressing, so she grabbed him and held him there. He’s a wonderful young man.”


Sunny and Hazel may have had a rocky start, but they’re on their way to being best friends, and Sunny will undoubtedly be at her side for many more naps to come.

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