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Every Day, a Rescue Cat Walks His Little Girl To The School Bus

Jessica Leatherman’s 7-year-old daughter started taking the school bus this year when she entered first grade. She does not, however, stand alone at the bus stop.

Craig, the family’s rescue cat, is in charge of making sure she goes to school safely.


After viewing the black and white cat at an adoption event in 2019, Leatherman decided to adopt him. Craig had spent eight and a half months in the shelter and fit right in with the family as soon as he arrived.

“He’s a pretty laid-back guy. Leatherman told The Dodo, “I don’t think there’s anything that can shake him. There might be thunder and lightning, and he wouldn’t even wake up.” “When he wakes up, he looks like a clown. He enjoys knocking items off of counters in order to get you to pay attention to him.”


Craig has a particular bond with Leatherman’s daughter, and he was interested in learning about her new morning ritual. Leatherman decided to unlock the door to allow the cat see her daughter off for the bus after he began running to the door and meowing everytime she was leaving for the bus.

Leatherman explained, “The bus stops directly in front of our house, so I decided I’d let him come outside and hang out with me.” “But instead of hanging out with me, he decided to hang out with her, and he followed her down the sidewalk and into the driveway, where he sat the entire while she waited for the bus.”


“I was thinking, ‘Is he really doing this?’ when it happened. And I expected him to return to me as soon as she boarded, but he remained there and made sure she boarded the bus before watching it drive away,” she continued. “He won’t leave the bus stop’s corner until it’s out of sight.”

Craig handing off his sister at the bus stop was supposed to be a one-time event, but it’s now part of their morning routine, which Leatherman takes extremely seriously.


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Leatherman stated, “He’s been doing it every day.” “He’s appointed himself to the position. I’m not sure why, but it’s really sweet.”

Craig has become something of a local celebrity since taking over drop-off duties.

Leatherman added, “Now all the neighborhood kids know him, and the whole bus is like, ‘Craig!’ whenever they pull up.” “In a way, he’s just become this lovely little neighborhood mascot.”


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And the rescue cat is always waiting for Leatherman’s daughter when she gets home from school. Leatherman described them as “two peas in a pod.” “She’ll be sitting next to him, and he’ll lick her and purr all over her. It’s the prettiest thing in the world.”

She said, “If he’s awake, he’ll follow her around the house and simply lie down near her, almost as if he’s protecting her.”


Craig’s beautiful rescue cat now has admirers all around the world, thanks to Leatherman’s charming recordings of his bus duty. Craig, on the other hand, is just concerned with spending time with his favorite small person.

Leatherman added, “A lot of people were remarking in the comments for the videos that he simply appears like a grandfather reborn who sees his little girl off to school.” “And that’s simply him – he’s the grandfather everyone desires.”

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