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Foster Kitten Accidently Creates The Most Shocking Optical Illusion

Jen and Adrian Davis have been foster parents for Best Friends Felines for the past two and a half years and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. They recently took in four little orphaned kittens and have been providing them with all of the love and attention they require until they are adopted.


Namaari, TukTuk, Boun, and Sisu, all of whom are named after characters in “Raya and the Last Dragon,” are normal kittens that enjoy playing and cuddling. They also like getting into trouble now and again, especially Namaari.

Jen Davis told The Dodo, “Namaari is the loveliest cat, as are the bulk of our hand-raised kids.” “Just looking at her makes her melt into a puddle of purrs. She’s also a drama queen; if her siblings get into a fight, she’ll be the first to cry.”


The kitties just had a very thrilling day together. They performed a picture session for a calendar to generate money for Best Friends Felines, and they also visited with three families who were interested in maybe adopting them. They were weary from all of the excitement and ultimately fell asleep for a long time.

The pair observed Namaari curled up in the funniest, creepiest posture as the kittens slept, and of course had to take a photo to capture the scary moment.


Namaari looked like she had no head curled up in a pile with her brothers, TukTuk and Boun, and her foster parents couldn’t help but giggle at their now decapitated kitten.

“This litter of kittens loves to sleep in strange postures, but Namaari had to be one of the funniest,” Davis added.


They grabbed the shot and uploaded it online, and it gave delight and maybe a few frights to everyone who saw it. Namaari is full of such antics and experiences, and she was just paired with her permanent family. In a few weeks, she’ll be off to her new home, where she’ll most sure continue to amuse everyone with her bizarre sleeping postures and overall antics.

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